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Für wirtschaftliche Freiheit
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Working Paper Series

The Origins of Private Property

IREF Working Paper No. 201703: Enrico Colombatto & Valerio Tavormina

Climate change: what we know, what we don’t know. What to do and what not to do

IREF Working Paper No. 201702: Francesco Ramella

Regulation and government debt

IREF Working Paper No. 201701: Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov

Efficiency and productivity of tax courts

IREF Working Paper No. 201604: Roberto Ippoliti und Giovanni B. Ramello

Tax policies in Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria: sitting on a ticking bomb or catching up with the West?

IREF Working Paper No. 201603: Spasimir Domaradzki

The confluence of ideas and interests in the process of rent destruction: the case of UK tax policy 1979-1997

IREF Working Paper No. 201602: Philip M. Booth and John Meadowcroft

Tax evasion, intrinsic motivation, and the evolutionary effect of a flat rate

IREF Working Paper No. 201601: Fabio Lamantia and Mario Pezzino

Why Do Low Interest Rates Not Fuel Credit Growth in the New Member States of the EU?

IREF Working Paper No. 201503: Andreas Hoffmann

The ZIRP Trap: Why low interest rates are a tax on recovery

IREF Working Paper No. 201502: Philipp Bagus

The Effect of Tax Progressivity on the Quality of Entrepreneurship

IREF Working Paper No. 201501: Mina Baliamoune-Lutz and Pierre Garello

The Case for Systemic Banking Reform

IREF Working Paper No. 201401: Gordon Kerr

The effects of fiscal decentralization on working hours: Does it matter which government level taxes and spends?

IREF Working Paper No. 201307: Alexander Fink

A comparative study of training in the private and public sectors: Evidence from the UK and the USA

IREF Working Paper No. 201306: Fabio Méndez and Facundo Sepúlveda

Legitimacy and the Cost of Government

IREF Working Paper No. 201305: Niclas Berggren, Christian Bjørnskov, and David Lipka

Projecting State Pensions

IREF Working Paper No. 201304: Kevin Dowd

Effects of taxation on European multi-nationals’ financing and profits

IREF Working Paper No. 201301: Stefan Lutz

Identifying the Determinants of Judicial Performance: Taxpayers’ Money Well Spent?

IREF Working Paper No. 201302: Stefan Voigt and Nora El-Bialy

Individual Responsibility and Social Preferences for Redistribution: An Experimental Study

IREF Working Paper No. 201301: Sergio Beraldo, Massimiliano Piacenza, and Gilberto Turati

When the Lights Go Out: Europe in an Age of Austerity

IREF Working Paper No. 201203: Vani K. Borooah

Fiscal Decentralization in Weak Institutional Environments: Evidence from Southern Italy

IREF Working Paper No. 201202: Sergio Beraldo, Massimiliano Piacenza, and Gilberto Turati

Fiscal Rules vs. Political Culture as Determinants of Soft Budget Spending Behaviors

IREF Working Paper No. 201201: Jean-Michel Josselin, Fabio Padovano, and Yvon Rocaboy

Tax Structure and Entrepreneurship

IREF Working Paper No. 201101: Mina Baliamoune-Lutz and Pierre Garello

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