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Call for Research Proposals

von IREF

IREF is a free-market oriented think tank based in France. It promotes ideas, debates, events, and rigorous academic research. IREF supports research projects that lead to the production of original papers of academic quality of at least 7,000 words. This support is not a prize to published work, nor is it an encouragement to “work in progress”.

The candidates must submit a research proposal with clear policy implications. The paper will be circulated as an IREF working paper. The author is expected to publish it in a reputed academic journal.

The amount of financial support varies from 4,000 to 7,000 euros, plus research costs. The amount depends on the number and qualifications of the authors, as well as on the proposed topic. The candidates must specify the names and qualifications of all the authors of the paper.

The candidates are welcome to submit research proposals in the following areas:
o The role of government and international organisations in modern societies
o The nature and legitimacy of policymaking
o Rent-seeking, regulation, taxation, public expenditure and public debt
o Policy-making from an international perspective (protectionism, exchange rates, currency areas)
o The economics of the welfare state
o The role and nature of judicial systems from a law-and-economics perspective

Although IREF focuses on economic issues, an interdisciplinary approach is welcome.

When applying, the candidate should let IREF know whether he/she has already received other funds related to the proposed project, and whether he/she plans to apply to sources other than IREF. IREF will not fund projects involving resources made available by third parties and about which IREF has not been informed in advance.

Once the contract is signed, the author is required to mention his/her affiliation to IREF (as an IREF fellow) in all the public events he/she attends during the period covered by the contract, and whenever he/she presents or submits the paper promoted by IREF. IREF encourages the author to continue to mention his/her affiliation to IREF also after the contract expires.

Candidates are encouraged to submit their proposals (400/700 words) to Professor Enrico Colombatto (enrico_colombatto(at) by August 31, 2018. By and large, the paper should be delivered 15 months after the contract is signed by both parties.

Professor Colombatto is at your disposal for further information.

PDF: Call for Research Proposals

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Call for research proposals

von IREF

The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues is happy to support research papers in public finance (taxation, government expenditure, public debt), federalism, (de)regulation, competition policy, trade, capital movements, money and monetary policy, EU policy making, pension systems, innovation and entrepreneurship. The emphasis is on Europe and comparative studies are also welcome.

We offer an amount between 3,000 and 7,000 euro for each selected paper or short book project, depending on the seniority of the author and the number of authors. Priority will be given to proposals based on free-market principles that contain straightforward implications for policymakers.

The research papers can be theoretical or applied, they will be circulated as IREF working papers and we expect the authors to publish the final version in a reputed academic journal.

Those interested in submitting their research proposals should write to Professor Enrico Colombatto, who is the head of research at IREF: enrico.colombatto(at)
The deadline for submitting research proposals is 31 October 2016. Priority will be given to proposals submitted by 30 September 2016.

PDF: IREF – Call for research proposals

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