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Am 27. November in London: IREF Workshop

von IREF

Workshop: 27. November 2015, 9.15Uhr bis 12.30Uhr am King’s College

Tax Policy in the Real World
4 Papiere


09:30-10:15 Philip M. Booth and John Meadowcroft:
Ideology, interests and rent destruction: the case of UK tax policy 1979-1997

10:15-11:00 Roberto Ippoliti and Giovanni Ramello:
Efficiency and productivity of tax courts

11:00-11:45 Marco Pezzino:
Tax evasion, intrinsic motivation, and the evolutionary effect of a flat rate

11:45-12:30 Spasimir Domaradzki: Tax policies in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria – sitting on a ticking bomb or catching up with the West?



Raum 1.17
Franklin-Wilkins Building
King’s Waterloo Campus
Stamford Street
London SE1 9NH


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